Two Worlds In Fahrenheit 451

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The Difference between Two Worlds
Have you ever thought of a different life in a new world or even one in the future? Well, that’s what Ray Bradbury did in Fahrenheit 451. As I read the book, I noticed a lot of differences between the two worlds. The main differences are laws, home life, and society in general.
The first difference is the laws that we make. ‘” I sometimes think that drivers don’t know what grass is”’ (Ray Bradbury 6). This is because in 451 you can’t go too slow you are supposed to drive 200 mph. On the other hand, we have a speed limit at 60 usually. This means travel time is cut in half so less time to look at things and changes transportation. In 451 they burn books with words so people don’t revolt and think independently. However, we are encouraged to read books for independent thinking and to exercise our right to freedom of speech. We see people walking around on the sidewalk looking at the scenery all
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A hound in our world is a dog that lives with you. In contrast, their Hound is a mechanical creature. “The hound sunk back down upon its eight incredible insect legs and humming to itself again, its multifaceted eyes at peace” (Ray Bradbury 23). In 451 the dog is the protector of the city. Also in 451, friends still go to each other’s houses, but they watch the same TV shows that they would at their own home. On the other hand we like to go to the beach or the movies to get out of our houses. Probably the biggest difference between our two worlds is intellectual equality. We have the right to be although intellectual we want and a right to a proper education. While in 451 they are taken at away as babies to be brainwashed to believe what the government wants them to. This is an example of propaganda at its finest. “Propaganda is a powerful tool to take over a mass amount of people” (Mick Carey). I think if we should learn anything from 451 is that propaganda is terrible and
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