Essay Who Is To Blame For Tybalt's Death

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We should also really blame Tybalt, which is the troublemaker, for the death of star-crossed lovers. Tybalt had always started some brawls with the Montague. The day of the party had come, the Capulets welcomed guests to the party and invited everyone to get their groove on. While everybody was having a good time, Romeo saw Juliet dancing and fell in love at first sight. Meanwhile, Tybalt recognized Romeo. Blood boiled and his temper went up. Tybalt told Lord Capulet that he was going to beat up Romeo for crashing their party. Lord Capulet ordered him to relax and to leave Romeo alone. Romeo seemed to be a nice enough kid. Plus, Lord Capulet wisely told him that parties get ruined by opening brawls. Tybalt swore he will make Romeo pay for this…show more content…
Benvolio, who wanted everyone to be friends, warned the guys not to fight in public. Insults were exchanged, but Romeo remembered that Tybalt is his new wife 's cousin, so he turned the other cheek. Mercutio found this totally shocking, actually dishonorable, so he offered to fight Tybalt instead. They fought and then Romeo tried to intervene, but Tybalt suddenly stabbed Mercutio. Romeo and Benvolio assumed that Mercutio has not been badly hurt because he started joking about his damage but it was no joke. He was dying. A minute later, he died. Romeo blamed himself for Mercutio 's death. So, he decided to man up by challenging Tybalt to a duel. And then finished him by killed Tybalt. This quote showed that Tybalt is always looking for a fight and that he always thinks he is going to win anything no matter what. He is a coquie and a prideful person. If he had not started the fight there would not have been no death, because Tybalt killed Mercutio and with force Romeo killed Tybalt, Romeo got banished which changed everything in the story. Lastly, these are the reasons why Tybalt had a big responsibility of why the lovely teenagers
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