Tybalt Monologue

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INTRO I have done it. I have brought upon the death of another man! I have blood upon my hands. For that I feel I should have changed but desperation has replaced the sorrow I feel for my actions. To avenge Mercutio’s death I slayed his murderer. Surely that is just! And now the Prince dooms me to a life of banishment. Oh and Juliet! To have my new made bride so suddenly torn from my grasp is unbearable. The friar just mumbles on about his philosophy and no one, NO ONE, understands my sorrow. BODY Wretched Tybalt and his impassive nature. For if thou had simply sat content and not struck Mercutio down I would not of avenged his death, not been banished and not been separated from my dearest Juliet. Nothing can replace this horrible, twisting feeling. Verona is my home, my family, beyond those solid walls lies nothing to me. Grief has flooded me, consuming me like a plague. A thousand curses on those who have removed my love from me. Tybalt’s death doth not stricken me with grief, for Juliet is all that matters to me. BODY…show more content…
I vow while there is blood in my veins and air in my lungs I shall pursue Juliet with my all. I must, MUST see her again. Ushered upon thou very lips thou spoke that thou doth love me. If this much is true, and true it must be, then this love shall not be broken by my murderous act. But I am banished; a criminal. I have killed the cousin of my love. Surely Juliet must think worse of me even if she doth not speak it so. *Sigh* oh Juliet. My beloved wife. To be parted from her is like the parting of my very soul from my
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