Tyler Joseph's 'Fairly Local': Song Analysis

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Figurative Language “Fairly Local” -Twenty One Pilots “Fairly Local” is a song written by Tyler Joseph from the band Twenty One Pilots. Tyler is in the band with one other person, Josh Dun, the drummer. “Fairly Local” in my words is a song about going through life and changing while doing it. The song says, “I 'm fairly local, I 've been around.” I think what he is saying in the line is that he has been through things and has gone though things others go through as well. The song also says in the beginning that, “I 'm evil to the core What I shouldn 't do I will They say I 'm emotional What I wanna save I 'll kill Is that who I truly am? I truly don 't have a chance Tomorrow I 'll keep a beat And repeat yesterday 's dance” After that line is the chorus and then another verse says, “I 'm not evil to the core What I shouldn 't do I will fight I know I 'm emotional What I wanna save I will try I know who I truly am I…show more content…
After that Tyler says, “Are you searching for purpose? Then write something, yeah it might be worthless Then paint something then, it might be wordless Pointless curses, nonsense verses You 'll see purpose start to surface” When Tyler says that, he is trying to clear up what he said before. This time he is pushing his message that we should think what society wants us to think or what the popular opinion is. He is showing us that it is better to see a different meaning of things than others. Tyler Joseph uses lots of figurative speech in this song. He says, “I 'm a kitchen sink” As a metaphor for what he is trying to explain. In the ending of the song Tyler’s brother Zach is featured, Zack says, “Time gains momentum the moment when I 'm living in 'em I 'm winning a momentary sinning a moment passing after A re-beginning moments mending memories” This is a small example of alliteration and also gives a huge truth that we are all sinners. We are all sinners but are forgiven no matter how

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