Tyler Oakley: My Michigan Hero

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There are many amazing people from Michigan that have impacted me in some way, but there is one person that I really admire. Tyler Oakley is a 26 year old YouTuber who grew up in Michigan. Tyler is my Michigan hero because he is always positive and tries to make people happy with his videos. There are characteristics about him that people might dislike, but he shows everyone that being confident is all it takes to ignore the negativity.
Tyler Oakley may seem like just another YouTube star to some people, but there is a lot more to him than that label. He started out by making YouTube videos in his college dorm, not expecting all of the popularity that he’s achieved. Now, he’s always there for his fans and tries to put a smile on everyone’s faces. Tyler makes a lot of funny videos to make people laugh, but he also makes serious videos to express certain topics to his viewers.
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He has started an annual fund called the Trevor Project. The Trevor Project focuses its efforts on LGBT youth and suicide-prevention. Tyler is against bullying and tries to stand up for people that are victims of bullying. He really tries to help people with confidence, and he’s definitely helped me. He doesn’t pay attention to the hate that people send him because he knows it doesn’t matter. Tyler tries to express that idea to all of his fans. He doesn’t want people to feel bad about themselves so he makes sure to set a good example.
Tyler Oakley is my hero because of all the positive things he’s done for people. I love the fact that he wants his fans to know that he really cares about them. He always reminds his viewers that they just need to think about the happy things in life. I may not know Tyler personally, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t influence me. All of the positive things that he’s done for people has impacted me in different ways. He’s not just a YouTube star to me, he’s my Michigan

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