Tyler Perry Informative Speech

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Ever thought of going from rags to riches? Or from nothing to everything? What about 6 dollars in your pocket to 130 million? Well I’m going to tell you about an interesting individuals life that has completely turned around. I’m sure you haven’t guessed but I am referring to the Tyler Perry. First I will describe his life and where he started. Then I will go onto how he got into what he does today. And last I will describe where he actually is today. If you have ever wanted to be in this financial position, pay close attention because this could help. Tyler Perry was born to Willie Campbell on September 14, 1969 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Willie was a strong churchgoer and took Tyler along with her once a week. His father however was an…show more content…
This inspired Perry to write letters to him, which later on became the basis for a musical he wrote. Tyler started getting odd jobs just to have ends meet and ended up finding himself completely homeless. This did not stop him at all. He kept working and continued to save his earnings. Around 1990, Tyler decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue the career he knew he loved. Roughly 2 years later, with only $12,000 to his name he wrote and performed a play by the name of I Know I’ve Been Changed. This act turned out to be a total failure. However, this did not stop Perry at all. Over the next few years Tyler rewrote and recreated the musical. When Tyler was 28 years old he was successfully able to perform this musical in Atlanta’s own Fox Theatre. This really changed his life. After a few years of practice and perfection Tyler was good at what he did. Then the year 2005 hit, and Forbes magazine said that Perry had sold more than $100 million dollars in tickets, $30 million in videos of his shows, and a whopping $20 million in merchandise. Wouldn’t you say that is a step up from living in the backseat of your
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