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When you think of a popular successful black person, who immediately pops into your head? Will Smith? Oprah? Michael Jordan? All of them have unique capabilities, but none of them have the qualities of the successful man of the decade, Tyler Perry. Tyler Perry is considered a successful man who has touched others with messages of getting back on your feet when you fall and the importance of family with his entertainment in books, movies, and live plays about the African American culture.
Since his movies have been successful with a strong message of family, faith, and forgiveness. You may think that since Tyler Perry has it made in the Hollywood life, his life must have always been perfect. Actually, that has not been the case. “The real-life story of Tyler Perry plays out with almost as much drama as one of his films.” Tyler Perry was born September 13, 1969 New Orleans, Louisiana. …show more content…

With the success of Tyler’s plays learning about forgiveness and family, something else must come out of his plays. And something did! “In the play of I Can Do Bad All by Myself, Perry created a character named Mabel Simmons for his musical play.” Originally, Madea was slated to make a five-minute appearance, but those five minutes of that gun-shooting, sailors mouth grandma became an instant success for Tyler Perry.” Tyler Perry quickly transformed from a highly successful playwright into one of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry. Madea quickly became the name of Tyler Perry today, making Madea his significance in the entertainment industry. “Tyler Perry got the idea of Madea with his own mother and aunt. He wanted to imitate the funniest person he knew.” Madea was more than just a character on screen. “To the audience Madea was like an actual person. Madea is best described as a strong, witty, loving woman larger than life who tells you exactly what you might not want to hear, but what you need. Madea will give you hugs of encouragement when you’re

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