Tyler's Argumentative Essay

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Laura Rickard, Tyler’s Speech and Language Pathologist, completed the following report. What is the frequency and duration of your service? I currently see Tyler two times a week for 30 minutes in a small group setting. Will you be changing this frequency and duration for next year? No, Tyler will continue to see me two times a week for 30 minutes. What is the focus of the therapy (i.e. current skills being targeted)? Tyler is working on following multi-step and multi-part directions. He is also working on his categorization and phonological awareness skills. 4. What methodologies or strategies appear to work best with this student? Tyler benefits from visual supports and repetition. It is helpful to preset him to use good listening strategies before he is exposed to lengthy auditory information.…show more content…
Has this student demonstrated progress toward meeting his goals? Yes, Tyler has met his phonological awareness goal. He is progressing satisfactorily towards his following directions goal and progressing gradually towards his categorization goal. 6. Please describe any notable (high frequency) behaviors that are observed during therapy. There are no high-frequency behaviors that are observed during therapy. This student’s strengths include: Tyler’s strengths include his expressive language and structure/grammatical skills. He is a friendly, cooperative student. Areas for growth in therapy include: Improvement is needed in Tyler’s receptive language and categorization skills. He also struggles with utilizing listening strategies

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