Type 2 Construction

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Everywhere we go we see many different types of building constructions. Throughout the years construction workers have been finding new ways how to make an incredible structures or households. We are seeing new configurations on buildings that look very nice, especially the fancy hotels. Although many firefighters have been keeping a close eye how construction workers are constructing a building. Many firefighters have lost their lives because of building collapse or because the building losts it 's intergrity. Since firefighters fear of losing their lives in a burning structural building, they have made many restrictions on how construction workers could make their buildings more safer for the safety of firefighters. There are some current…show more content…
Also a type 2 building is very similar to a type 1 building. Type 2 building is found in a newer buildings and remodeled commercial buildings. The walls and roofs are made up of non-combustible materials. The walls are made up of masonary with light weight concrete, foam, and other materials like metal. That 's whya type 2 building have a reputation of being a non-combustible structure. Type 2 buildings are mostly a modern building, was not really used in the past. Although since is a newer building, it is required to have inside a type 2 building is some fire supression systems. Even though the building is noncombustible it still not to be safe to be inside a noncombustible strucuture. Type 2 buildings are known for their fail when it is exposed to heat or fire. The roofs are known to collapse early. The roof of a type 2 building is the most sensitive part of the building. That 's why is very important for the safety of the firefighter to be careful when they are in a roof of a noncombustible building. Once firefighters are on the roof, a good habit is to sound the roof to determine if the roof is stable to be in. Once that is finished it would be great to cut a hole in the roof with a chainsaw or a circular saw, in order to ventilate the building. Although 3 factors that could make a type 2 building dangerous under fire conditions is ceiling height of the building, size of the unprotected steel members, and intensity and duration of the of the exposing fire. Although…show more content…
A type 4 building is called "Heavy timber) or mill construction. A type 4 structure is is known for it 's heavy duty materials thats inside. Materials that are inside of a type 4 include beams, columns, floors, and roofs. Type 4 building does have a similar characteristics of a type 3 building. Although the difference between a type 4 and a type 3, is that a type 3 building has concealed spaces and type 4 has more of a broader open areas inside of the building. Also the type 4 structure has better solid and laminated wood with dimensions rather a type 3 construction. Although type 4 building is a older type of construction, these buildings were commonly built before the 1960 's. Though these heavy timber structures could with stand under fire conditions. Though Though firefighters should feel safe when going inside a heavy timber structure but keep alert at all times. It 's important that the building is well maintained because if it 's not up to code something could go wrong with the safety of the firefighters. Also under fire conditions probably the only combustiblem materials in the building are the wood members. Even the masonry walls could become unstable and can collapse because loss of interior bracing, provided from the floors
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