Type 2 Diabetes Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography: The Manifestation of Type Two Diabetes in Relation to Obesity Adaeze Okere Kennesaw State University Annotated Bibliography: The Manifestation of Type Two Diabetes in Relation to Obesity As a nurse extern, one of my jobs is to make sure that I check blood sugars at 0730, 1230, and 1700 for my diabetic patients. One week, I had five different diabetic patients, both men and women, all obese. One particular patient that caught my attention, a man, was exceedingly overweight; he was around 162kg. When I walked into his room to take his blood sugar in the morning, he immediately stuck out his hand for me because this was an expected routine. I examined his hand and noticed that he had very thick calluses…show more content…
An international group of 32 experts in pathophysiology, genetics, clinical trials, and clinical care of obesity and/or type 2 diabetes attended a conference to discuss and come up with recommendations. A current understanding of both the pathophysiology and management suggests the development of a chronic disease model of care, connecting the obesity and diabetes care management. A writing group of 8 individuals created a summary and recommendations that were unanimous with ideas of the working group. They worked to conclude that improving the understanding of obesity’s diversity is critical in advancing the development of effective and cost-effective interventions. If there is an improvement in obesity prevention and treatment, there will be a benefit in the incidence and care of type 2 diabetes. The intended audience for this article are researchers as the article concludes with providing the most major questions linking obesity to type 2 diabetes that need to be addressed by combined basic, clinical, and population-based scientific approaches. However, the article still gave insight on obesity and diabetes management and preventative measures that can be used by all healthcare…show more content…
Sedentary lifestyle habits, over-consumption, and unhealthy food options are issues that are plaguing the society that I am living in. I, myself have fallen guilty to these habits, and I need to make a change to prevent serious complications in my future. More awareness and educational programs should be provided to the public so people can fully understand the seriousness of this issue. As a future nurse, I will use this review as a tool for patient education to teach my patients how to manage diabetes and obesity together. Although obesity leads to several other co-morbidities such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes has become the most serious complication of obesity (Leung,
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