Type 2 Diabetes Type 1 Research Paper

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Did you know that one type of diabetes is much worse than the other? Type 1 diabetes causes your pancreas to stop making insulin, and insulin is needed to survive. Type 2 diabetes causes your body to become resistant to insulin. Diabetes is a serious disease that needs to be addressed by everyone. Making healthy food decisions and exercising can help lower the chance of getting type two diabetes or help people control it. Type two diabetes is caused by obesity, unhealthy diet, being inactive, environmental factors, and genetics. Three of the five causes can be easily prevented by many ways. For example, you could run a mile everyday or replace chips in your meal with an apple. There are many symptoms of type two diabetes: being tied, losing weight, blurry vision, and sometimes a wound that will not heal. If someone has these symptoms, they should contact their doctor immediately.…show more content…
According to nih.gov/cdc.gov, "of all people who get diabetes, only 5-10% have type one." Type one causes you to takes injections of insulin frequently. Most people carry around a case with injections everywhere they go for this. Unlike type 2, type one is caused mainly by genetics. If someone is in a family that commonly has type one diabetes, they should all be checked out by a doctor. Type 1 diabetes has many symptoms, which include: blurry vision, losing weight, and always being thirsty. Type one diabetes is most common in humans before the age of 30. People do not realize that diabetes could kill them if they don 't take it

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