Type Of Poverty

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Types of poverty
The types of poverty are:
Weiss and Montgomery (2004) classified the types of poverty according to the length of time, i.e., chronic poverty and transitory poverty. Chronic poverty means those who have been in poverty for a very long time. This type of poverty can further be differentiated according to those who are physically advantage and those who are physically disadvantage, that without welfare support they will continue to be in poverty. In addition, this type of poverty could be permanent. Transitory poverty means those who found themselves in poverty unexpectedly within a short period of time, due to adverse shocks. This type of poverty could be temporal.
Zaman (2000) considered the types of poverty in terms of land
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Few of these innate plaques are lack of education facilities, children goes to work in order to help their parents, lack of basic hygiene and transmission of diseases. Unemployment and very low pay among parents create a situation where their kids are unable to go to school; they just don’t see how hard work can improve their life as they see their parents fail at a daily task. In the end, poverty is a major ground of social tensions and threatens to divide a nation because of the issue of inequalities particularly income inequality. This happens when wealth in a country is not well distributed among its citizens. In other words, where a tiny minority have all the money. The features of rich or developed countries for example, is the presence of a middle class, but, recently we have seen even the western countries are gradually losing their middle class, hence the increasing number of riot and clashes. In a society, poverty is a very harmful factor that can destabilize the entire country. Hence, there will be lack of intelligentsia and educated intellectuals to run the country and therefore poverty issue will remain (Poverties, 2011). Besides that, poverty can also cause high infant mortality and annual death rate, increase crime rate since people turn desperate to survive in the face of poverty and…show more content…
Mostly in developing and developed countries, there are social and cultural biasness against women. Women are not allowed for any higher position and girls are not given proper education because many parents prefer investing in their boys. As a result, most women are unemployed because of poor education background Curran (2003). Besides that, the one child policy in china increases the number of missing women. The families kill or abandon newborn baby girls and hope to have a boy because boys seem to have social status. Moreover, women in poverty die giving birth and most of them suffer from preventable diseases because of lack of hygiene and safe drinking water (poverties,

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