Two Types Of Poverty Essay

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Types of poverty
The types of poverty are:
Weiss and Montgomery (2004) classified the types of poverty according to the length of time, i.e., chronic poverty and transitory poverty. Chronic poverty means those who have been in poverty for a very long time. This type of poverty can further be differentiated according to those who are physically advantage and those who are physically disadvantage, that without welfare support they will continue to be in poverty. In addition, this type of poverty could be permanent. Transitory poverty means those who found themselves in poverty unexpectedly within a short period of time, due to adverse shocks. This type of poverty could be temporal.
Zaman (2000) considered the types of poverty in terms of land ownership. These are; ultra poverty which means a condition where people are having not up to ten decimal of land. Moderate poverty means people with more than ten decimals of land.
In addition, Oshewolo (2010); World Bank (2000); Rocha (1998) and Bradshaw (2006) concluded that poverty is in two types. The absolute poverty and relative poverty. Absolute poverty means inability to attend a minimum standard
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While, this doesn’t seem a totally groundless accusation- it makes sense and feeds the riches’ tormented conscience. It is important to note that most at a time terrorist do come from the poorest countries with high unemployment. While, the terrorist organizations often provide much higher salaries than any other jobs, if any other jobs is available at all. Infact a lot o different factors interact with the decision to become a terrorist. Personal and cultural ideas and principles are just as important as material and social gain (reputation & fame for fighting the imperialists) of entering terrorism (poverties,

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