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The TypeFocus assignment allowed me to see what occupations would or should interest me, and the funny thing about it is; it 's really close to my actual occupation. At this time I am 40 years old and back in school. Graduating from College will help me further my career, and will open opportunities for advancement, within the company I currently work for. My current position is in an office setting, working with billing, arranging fuel transportation, and leading coworkers throughout our office with their daily task, and also training new employees. I am perusing a degree in Business Management which will support my role in training and leading. The Typefoucs Careers that peaked my interest were, Human Resources Assistant, Procurement Clerk and Billing, Cost and Rates Clerks. All of these…show more content…
The Billing, Cost and Rates Clerk seems to be very similar to what I do now. My job is very challenging and daily I have situations that require my undivided attention and brainstorming. Every day we see new situations and issues as our company is very diverse and is in many different sectors of the market. This allows me to see many different types of jobs, in locations all over the world. I believe this keeps me interested and focused on the task needing completion.
Currently I feel I am qualified for the Billing, Cost and Rates Clerk position and the Procurement Clerk position. I do believe that I would need training for the Human Resources Assistant. To prepare for a position like this, I believe one would need to look into classes, and seminars on Human Resources. This type of job sounds like it takes a lot of knowledge and training with payroll, health insurance, workplace safety and much more. I do believe that being enrolled in the College of Business is the right place to be to eventually qualify for a role within Human

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