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Your personality and interests can help understand your own behavior and why you act a certain way. Knowing what type of environment you excel in and areas where you need to make improvements can help you choose a career path in which you will not only be successful, but happy as well. The TypeFocus assessments are one way to better understand yourself and help you create future career goals. According to the TypeFocus personality assessment, my Myers-Briggs personality type is INTP. The letter I means that I am more introverted and focus more energy on thinking about the inner world. The second letter, N, represents my preference for intuition, which means I lean toward imagination, creativity and possibilities when assessing information. The third letter, T, describes how I make decisions. Since my type is thinking, I utilize logic and reasoning when making decisions. The last letter, P, stands for perceiving. My preference for perceiving affects how I approach daily life. I tend to work best under pressure and prefer spontaneity to following a routine. Understanding your personality type can help you discover your strengths and…show more content…
According to this assessment my top interests were investigative and artistic. My other top interests were conventional and enterprising, which were almost tied in rank. This interest ranking shows that I am curious, a deep thinker, and creative. Therefore, I should search for careers that involve problem solving and a free-form work environment. Since my interest in both conventional and enterprising were both quite high, I could enjoy many different types of work environments and functions. The highest ranked interest was investigative and I agree that I am a thinker above all else and would love to have a career that allows me to analyze and research

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