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Introduction: The essay explores about Assessment and its types , its uses in the field of education. How assessments works how it can be helpful for students and teachers. How the forms of assessments fit its purposes. Educational assessment is the process in which collecting of data from different sources occurs in order to improve students learning and also to improve the teaching skills of teachers. This gathered data is then analyzed and is used to understand the level of students knowledge whether the students have achieved the level that was intended to achieve. According to Caffery (2009), ' 'Educational assessment is a complex process involving gathering and analyzing data to support decision-making about students and the…show more content…
Predictive assessments are used to determine that a student or a school will meet a particular requirement of the goal. Students who may not able to meet these goals can be given more services in order to make more chances for him or her to get nearer to the goal or to achieve the goal. Diagnostic assessments are used to evaluate student’s strengths and weaknesses in their academic records ,and behavior. Evaluative assessments are used to evaluate the understandings of students about their tasks and particular activities.. These assessment systems are not actually able to evaluate all the purposes of learning there is a comprehensive assessment system which are formative and summative assessments. (p 2, 3) Formative Assessment Caffery (2009), describes formative assessment as it can be done while learning process is on its way. Formative assessment has a quality to measure the student 's progress as well as teacher 's progress. Formative assessments can be assessment from small scale like teacher is asking questions in classroom or it can be written exams. Through formative assessment teacher can also acquire knowledge about students knowledge of his learning. The data that is used to assess in formative assessment is usually gathered from activities during class,homework,discussion in class,question and answers…show more content…
And intermediate colleges or higher secondary ( 11 to 12) leads to a FA (Faculty of Arts) or F. Sc (Faculty of Science) and university programs like undergraduate and postgraduate and doctorate degrees. Assessments in schools and colleges till 12th grades are usually held annually,the type of assessment that mostly used in Pakistani educational institutes is summative as there are some huge examinations at the end of the year if the program is annual not the semester system. As at university level there are programs that are semester based. The main goal of the examination is to promote the students to higher grades if they have passed the exam but if they have failed they will retain in the same grade. In the primary schools, assessments are held by the respective schools. There are many schools in Pakistan having all the first years 1 to 10 in the same schools so the system for 1 to ten first years of education in school is same schools are autonomous from 1 to 8 years but the 9th and 10th grade exams are

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