Types Of Communication In The Hospitality Industry

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There are many types of communication in the modern hospitality industry. There are also many benefits we can gain through the different types of communication in the industry. In this assignment, we will discuss the four types of communication in the workplace. You will learn that it is essential to always put emphasis on communication skills in the workplace. And by consistently striving to improve the communication skills in this area, one will be able to successfully establish strong business relationships. It is important to practice these skills because it allows companies to operate effectively and be productive. This is because workplace communication improves workers ' productivity. However, there will also be many negative consequences that may occur as a direct result of communication challenges within a business. Some of the examples include decreased productivity, misunderstandings with regards to policies and procedures within the workplace and employee dissatisfaction as well. Naturally, all these could result in lower profits and high rates of employee turnover. As stated above, this assignment will introduce the four main types of workplace communication that are absolutely essential to the success and efficiency of a business.

Workplace communication is the process of exchanging information, both verbal and non-verbal, within an organization. An organization consists of employees from different parts of the society. These may have different cultures and

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