Cause Of Conflict In Communication

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Conflict can be a serious problem in any organization. It might not bring about the demise of a firm, nut it certainly can hurt an organization’s performance as well as lead to the loss of many good employees. However, in this section, it will be show all conflict which is major conflicts and minor conflicts.
I. Major conflicts
Breakdown in communication is the overarching, most common and most obvious sources of conflict in projects. A lack of trust, effective listening skills, respect and perceptual differences can lead to serious communication problems. As a company who handle event management, misinterpretation of a design drawing, a misunderstood change orders delays in delivery of critical components and also failure to execute instructions
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This type of conflict may actually provide a positive outcome for any given project since all parties and department express a strong and committed desire to achieve the project. Ensuring the positive outcome may prove challenging if all the departments stand strong in their position. One example of such a conflict may be that the operation department is more detail oriented and sees each step minutely while the management department may wish to approach the project with more flair and to work more collaboratively with fellow employees.
Conflict between departments often is based on division of responsibilities and line of authority. In company, Interlink Impact Holding sdn bhd, sale’s staffs provide task to operations department, where the task concerning workforce planning and need the decision in short time. However, the operation department delivers the task to management department. But, the..
Decision making process
The company also is involved in the phenomenon of conflict within decision making. This means that the company has different ways of members of department in order to choose an alternative. There is, for instance, conflict which is related to the task. This happens when
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A common conflict experienced by the company is a dissatisfied customer who …
Leadership conflicts
According to the manager of Interlink Impact holding, conflict in their company also occurs due to verifying personalities and perspectives. Even employers and employees will have differences of opinion or even larger issues since no relationship is immune to potential conflicts. Personality clashes between staff from another department can causes a range of interpersonal conflicts to arise. Employees may feel bullied or pushed by another department. This is the conflict that arises because of personal issues of incompatibility.
A clash may start with a dispute on business practices and escalate from there to mutual loathing, or else the two people may simply have disliked each other from the beginning. This type of conflict is bad for the company, because it can lead to downturns in productivity and increase in absenteeism.
Late payment is one of the leading causes of conflict in business.

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