Types Of Conflict In Negotiation

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Negotiation involves communication or dialogue between two or more parties over one or more issues to settle existing conflicts relating to issues and achieve a beneficial outcome. Negotiation usually involves solving a conflict. (Trotschel et al, 2011). For a negotiation to be effective it must:
• Result in a quality agreement that is wise and satisfies both parties.
• Foster good interpersonal relationships.
• Be efficient and consume less time and money.
A conflict refers to a competitive or opposing action of incompatibilities or a strong argument between parties as a result of discord or disagreement arising from a difference in beliefs or resistance of actions of one party by a member or all members of the opposing party (Steve, 2011). A conflict can be between members of the same group which is known as an intragroup conflict or be between two or more groups known as intergroup conflict. A conflict can in some cases be internal, a mental struggle within one’s self arising from opposing or incompatible needs, drives, desires or wishes, internal or external pressure. This type of conflict involves just one person or party.
Examples of conflicts includes labour strikes, disagreement or quarrels between individuals or an armed conflict which involves violence, it is an extreme kind of conflict that can lead to loss of lives if not contained at an early stage.
Solving a conflict is aimed at resolving the point of difference between two parties and developing
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