Types Of Conflict In Short Stories

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The conflict is one of the main components of the short story. It gives us two elements thrill and attractions. Heroes of the short story Can develop certain types of conflict in all parts of the short story. Such conflicts may be with the hostile elements or with other characters in the story. There are certain types of conflict and each type has its own function. The first type is the internal conflict caused by some of the ideas and beliefs that are within the parties to the conflict. The second type is an external conflict, resulting from external forces that affect one way or the other in the protagonist. In these 3 stories there are different types of conflict by referring to the short stories are: "Letter from Gaza", "After twenty years," and "Scarlet ibis.
The first story, a "Letter from Gaza". Here can point to internal conflict and evolving practice of the main character. Mustafa, the Palestinian young man who dreams of completing his academic studies in America. He has taken a promise from his close friend to take him to study abroad. His friend was sent in accordance with that message, saying that the time has come to study abroad and achieve his dreams. Internal conflict is linked to the fact that Mustafa found it very embarrassing and difficult to abandon his homeland who suffer torture and death under Israeli occupation. Which is more than bravery and courage shown by his niece who lost her leg because she was defending her family. If he traveled abroad, it
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