Types Of Cultural Revolution

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Everyday there are constant changes and “revolutions” that occur. With the constant evolution of things such as technology, culture and religion comes evolution in societies. This paper will focus on how I believe a certain type of Cultural Revolution has affected me personally, globally and how it might possibly affect the future. The term “Revolution” doesn’t necessarily relate to politics or a change for people. Revolution can be interpreted in a sense that there are things affecting the world and causing these constant changes. In a general sense, I believe there has been a massive Cultural Revolution lately, especially in the Middle East. More specifically, we will focus on the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) and their countries: Bahrain,…show more content…
Because of this, it has given the GCC countries a great deal of regional and global power. This new power gives an image of a new international political development in relation to its response with globalization and modernism. (Momani & Legrenzi) Moving to a more global scale, this would’ve possibly not been able to happen if it wasn’t for this “cultural revolution.” Due to the great amount of expats entering the GCC, this allowed an unbelievable economic boom. As more people came, the government needed to make these expats feel more comfortable and welcomed. This allowed many changes and importation of different things from around the world. Slowly, these laws and ideas became more modern and complied with all people’s needs. This specific change caused more people to work which caused more booms in the economy. Dubai being the “Business Hub” of the world is an example of what they were and what they’ve become. Different interaction with these different cultures allowed people to become more aware on how they also work in business. Eventually more and more people started working together and that affects the economy. This cultural revolution needed the countries to globalize rather then localize. Because of this, it also caused another indirect revolution which would a technological revolution. Complying to the needs of other people and trying to achieve becoming one of the best economies meant they needed to be in front of everything. This caused technology to extremely emerge and evolve in the GCC and become incorporated with people’s lives. This allowed the countries of the GCC such as Qatar and the UAE to become a few of the richest economies in the
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