Types Of Demographic Segmentation

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Segmentation The Demographic Strategy Is your target market of demographic by variables such as age, family size, education, income, gender, occupation as well as race, religion, and nationality? If so you have been using the most common form of market segmentation known as demographic segmentation. The demographic group would have similar needs and want. For Help separate a large population to specific customer groups. The demographic distribution is segmented into customer segments using variables such as gender, age, income, educational level, occupation, socioeconomic category and family type. (Traditional, divorced, single parent) religion, language, culture, and nationality, For example, a product may succeed in one area of the country…show more content…
This segmentation method assumes that consumers in the same demographic will have similar needs. This information is easily obtained. It is one of the least popular ways to segment your market. Proper integration with other forms, such as behavior, psychology, and geography, segmentation will begin by creating more targeted marketing than more manageable parts. However, this form of segmentation does not explore why consumers buy what they do, so it does not provide insights into what motivates consumers to purchase certain services or what types of people prefer brand products than other brands. The Geographical Strategy Geographical segmentation separates the market according to a specific…show more content…
Behavior may include customer loyalty to a particular brand. Paying for the purchase price or using a limited budget, repurchase, or first customer. Or are customers ready to buy or ready to compare what they have seen elsewhere? Customer loyalty to a particular brand allows marketers to be identified in small groups. Each group consists of brand loyalists. Clients using this strategy may divide by product or service use or violence they use, such as customers who receive cleaning services once a week compared to people who have been hired for the same service every six months. The company recognizes that there is a need for more options from the product line so that customers are more loyal. The knowledge gained through this segmentation strategy. Behavioral segmentation is the reverse of group marketing. In the mass market, there is no market difference. Promotional pricing packaging is based on the same marketing plan that ignores consumer relationships with the product. The share of market share behavior by how consumers respond to use or knowledge of the product it can take into account how markets respond to prices and promote and learn how consumers manage their lives. This segmentation method takes into account consumers' opinions, interests and hobbies, and educates what consumers do. For example of behavioral segmentation is marketing during

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