Non Visible Forms Of Diversity Essay

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Visible forms of diversity include characteristics of race, age, and gender. Non-visible differences are education level, social economic background, personality and values (Griffith, B. A., & Dunham, E. B., 2010). Journalism was said to be a “man’s job” because people in the late 1800's and early 1900's thought the job was too dangerous for a female. The occupation of Journalism in the United States has three examples of visible forms and non-visible forms of diversity. In the 1920's, 1930's, and 1940's most journalist were white, middle aged and males. Women in the newsroom was not common practice then and fifty years later you were still unable to find very many women working in the newsroom or on locations to cover a story (Zeilinger, Julie, 2013). Although some women have the same education and social economic background they were less likely to hold a senior position as an editor (Greenslade, Roy, 2011) and only 34.6 percent of women were newsroom supervisors (Zeilinger, Julie, 2013). On a national level 74 percent of news journalists are men who cover political and business journalism, while 3 percent of women hold journalism positions covering sports. The gender imbalance in journalism has women perceived as compassionate and soft spoken while men are perceived to be dominate and hardcore.…show more content…
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