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Environmental Pollution Environmental pollution is when contaminants enter the environment that are unable to break down and cause harm to the nature and organisms that are exposed to them. Environmental pollution causes harmful effects on the whole earth in many of ways and have catastrophic effects. Even though there are many sources to pollution and it would be impossible to stop all the sources, environmental pollution should be assuaged. Environmental pollution comes in a various of forms with different effects. The main type of pollution that affects humans would be air pollution. Air pollution are mainly emitted from large factories or cars. Fossil fuels are the leading cause for air pollution and people use cars everyday to go places…show more content…
Air pollution causes respiratory problems in people and animals. Pollutants in the air can cause brain damage when exposed in great amounts (Air Pollution). In certain rural countries people wear mask to filter the air because factories emit so much pollution into the air. Many countries don't have proper water filtration systems and the pollution dumped into water is ingested by people and they could get sick and die. When pollution is dumped into water, fish are likely to ingest the pollutant and people eat the fish in countries with little food regulation, this can cause harmful effects to the humans. Environmental pollution can not only affect humans through wildlife but also through the ecosystem. Pollutants can seep into the ground and kill trees and plants. Plants are humans source of oxygen and when trees are eliminated through deforestation and pollution, humans will have no source of oxygen. Agriculture industrys use an excess of fertilizers on crops and it goes into the ruoff and affects people who live nearby. People that live in a close area near Agricultural Industries are known to have asthma related symptoms and failed lung function in children (Pesticides and

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