Types Of Formal And Informal Groups In A Racing Team

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1. What types of formal and informal groups would you expect to find in a racing team? What roles could each play in helping the team toward a winning season? For any racing team and company, there are many dynamic groups. Each person in within the organization has the potential to play multiple roles in either a formal or informal group. A formal group is a group of individuals who have a formally designated purpose (Uhl-Bien, Osborn, & Schermerhorn, 2014). A formal group can be a permanent group that appears on an organizational chart or a short-term group that works to solve a problem or issues within an organization (Uhl-Bien, Osborn, & Schermerhorn, 2014). For instance, a formal permanent group in racing would consist of owners ', administration, finance, marketing, shop manager, pit crew, road crew, pit support, engineering, and shop crew. Furthermore, a short-term formal group within racing may consist of individuals focus on a specific problem area such as lack of support from fans. Each one of these formal groups has a specific function that helps with the success and achievement of goals of the racing team. An informal group within an organization emerges following behind the formal groups and are created by the employees themselves (Uhl-Bien, Osborn, & Schermerhorn, 2014). These groups are generated without a specific purpose or title and can consist of friendship and interest groups. Informal groups help support and create interpersonal relationships,

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