Types Of Global Migration

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A. about your subject
In recent years, the number of people is too big. For example, Some 232 million international migrants are living in the world today. Since 1990, the number of international migrants in the global North increased by around 53 million (65%), while the migrant population in the global South grew by around 24 million (34%). Today, about six out of every ten international migrants reside in I. Introduction A. Introductory statement about subject
Migration is the moving from one country to live or work in another. Migration is a widely debated subject and it is one of the biggest issue that the government and social concern today General information the developed regions. (World Migration in Figures, 2013)
B. Topics
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- It is indicated that 25 percent scientists and engineers achieving the U.S. based Nobel laureates of the half recent century were rooted in other places.

- In 2006, one-quarter new high-tech companies with over $ 1 million in sales were established by immigrants that triggers the increase in income and employment for the whole country. Also, the technological growth boosted the productivity growth in U.S. cities by 30 percent during the period 1990-2010. As a result, this growth has driven per capita income in the United States to increase by 8 percent over the period of 220 years.
Consequently, using the highly education immigrants in effective way brings huge benefits to the economy.
2. Evidence 2
According to Miller (2015), the culture of Vietnam has been known by friends all around the world due to the flow of immigration and economic revolution.
- With the noticeable transformation in economy: gross domestic product (GDP) grows more than 5 percent yearly, unemployment below 6 percent, the trend of Vietnamese migration is more likely to be a student exchanging education in overseas, a construction worker in the Middle East or a Chinese or Canadian tourist who visit the beaches of Nha Trang and boat in Ha Long
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A. Third Topic Sentence: Planet Paragraph
Migration creates the burden to the environment.
B. Supporting statements and Analysis of the evidence
1. Evidence 1
- Australia is acknowledged as a nation with massive contributed from migration.
- During the period 2008-2009, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicated that 450.000 immigrants had home in Australia, “tipping the country’s population over the 22 million mark. When immigrants came to Australia, the percentage of those who went by boats and planes was 66 percent that contributes to the increase of emissions of greenhouse gases in Australia in private and on the globe in general. (Readfearn, 2010)

- A research from WWF showed that each person requires at least 2.7 hectares of good land to generate what we consume and absorb our waste. However, “migrants to Australia will become part of an average ecological footprint which stands at 7.8 global hectares, one of the highest in the world.” (Readfearn, 2010)
The negative impacts on environment due to immigration are a big deal for developing countries which accept a huge number of immigrants annually.
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