Types Of Homelessness In India

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WHAT IS HOMELESSNESS? Shelter- the major necessity a human being needs. This is also a luxury for 1.8 crore people in India (census 2011). Homelessness has grown rapidly in advanced industrial nations over the past two decades. They generally live in any vacant space i.e., roadsides, pavements, as temporary abode. While, Attributing to their condition to extreme poverty, unavailability of low cost housing, unstable employment, and violence at home. There is disagreement whether people living temporarily with friends or family should be counted as homeless, and over how to define the “near homeless”. In the urban setting, 9 lakh people are homeless and 8 crore people are homeless in rural areas. The metropolis cities - Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai- are home to 3 lakh homeless. The biggest of cities is unable to furnish the need of housing them. Population increases due to urbanization. In India, the scenario of the homeless is different from the rest of the world. The causes of homelessness are both structural and individual. While urbanization lights up the metropolis with new age high rises, a major part of the city lives in shadows. Homeless are of two types - the slums areas which the government has defined. These are the areas for which the government plans schemes and provide facilities accordingly. The second type of homeless that the cities in India namely New Delhi is of the migrant in flux. This influx takes place due to the lack of rural development. In

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