Types Of Nonverbal Communication

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Nonverbal communication is communication without using words. It is a very significant part of communication.

Nonverbal communication can go on independently without the use of words. We show our joy, displeasure, anger and so on even without saying a word through our non verbal behaviour. However, rarely we speak without any non-verbal cues. Almost always the spoken word goes with the nonverbal behaviour

There are two dimensions in a communication process: the content and the relational dimension. The message as expressed in actual words is the content dimension. The relational dimension or the meta-communication (i.e., communication about communication), refers to the how the receiver receives the verbal content and this depends on the non-verbal cues / communication that go along with the spoken word.

Nonverbal communication is often unconscious though sometimes it is deliberate and conscious behaviour. It is a part of our everyday behaviour. We communicate with one another through the use of our hands, arms, faces, personal space, etc,. Such behaviour tells a lot about our attitudes, personalities, relationships and emotions.

(ii) Types of nonverbal communication
Six types of nonverbal communication are commonly used. They are:

1. Chronemics or the use of time, time sense, value for time and timing in communication
2. Proxemics or the use of interpersonal space in the communication setting
3. Haptics or the use of the sense of touch in communication
4. Kinetics
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