Types Of Relationships In Counselling

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Counselling is a form of relationship in which one individual helps another to understand and solve a current problem or crisis in their life. This means a that the main aim of counselling is to help people overcame there problems ,it is a helping relationship
Human being are creatures that live in a society it impossible for a human to exist in total isolation from the rest of the human species .In this society that human build humans form various relationships. There are several types of relationship formed, when counselling its important to understand the many types of relationship formed by man:
1.parent-child relationship
2.teacher-pupil relationship
3.peer relationship
4.boy-girl relationship
5.helper-helping relationship

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The child in this form of relationship looks unto the adult that is the parent for wisdom and protection. The parent is obliged to take care of providing food shelter clothing and wisdom to the young one. In some cases there might be loss of one of the person in this form of relationship this might result in the depression therefore he or she requires counselling
This is the relationship between a teacher and pupil in this relationship one individual receives new information or skill from the other individual. In this type of relationship[ the recipient may encounter difficulties in grasping the knowledge being handed to them. This may result in stress and therefore require counselling

This is the relationship between people of the same age. In this type of relationship an individual may feel out of place or unwanted once he or she is excluded from a group of peers there is also tendency of peer pressure where individuals are introduced to harmful behaviours that amy even endanger their health and even their lives

This a relationship formed by an attraction to the opposite sex. The most common source of depression in this form of relationship is where an individual shows interest in an the opposite sex but the feeling is not
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Human being are creature that experience emotions. We are creatures that need to be loved understood appreciated encouraged and nurtured .same times we need information on issue we don’t understand very well some stress comes as a result if ignorance

Counselling can be done in two ways:
Formal/professional ;this is done by professional counsellors. Professional counsellors are people who have a background of training in the field of counselling. This training help them understand human behaviour .the therapy is done in a clinical set up or in office and medical records are kept

Informal; this is the means of counselling that is done at any given place e.g. heath centres homes bed side school etc. However it’s important that we understand that the matter being discussed during counselling is not heard by those around you. The people who do informal counselling have little or no training in counselling other may have some training but they do this in volunteer basis. In informal no records are kept

Counselling can be done through the following types
Individual counselling
Marital counselling

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