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10 Shoes that Every Woman Must Own
Women shoes are much more than an accessory; they are a style statement, which add glory to the outfit of a woman. They can give an entirely new dimension to an otherwise ordinary looking dress and give the woman a trendy, chic look. Buying and wearing stylish shoes can be an instant pick-me-up for women. Perhaps this is the reason why they are often seen stacking up pairs and pairs of footwear in the wardrobe, without even wearing a pair for years. But it’s the love of shoes which addicts them enough to make them tempted to pick every pair they like. Painfully though, many of the pairs find their way out during the seasonal detox of the wardrobe. However, they can be a bit judicious and pick just the pairs
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Whether a woman is at work, home, shopping mall or on a holiday, ballets provide an amazing blend of practical comfort and good looks, a rare combination in footwear. This choice of women shoes can complement almost every dress to perfection. And when it comes to color, style and material, there are options galore!
Boots for women are like water for fish! In other words, it is essential for every woman to own a pair of boots. They add an oomph factor to her look teamed with a pair of shorts, a skirt and even a pair of jeans. They come in varying length, starting from ankle to knee, and can make a women look classy and sensuous. Boots can be worn on a variety of occasions, on fun outings as well as adventurous trips.
Sandals are another essential addition to a woman’s shoe rack. They make a prefect wear in summers as they allow plenty of air to the feet. Women’s sandals look great when paired with Western dresses as well as ethnic wear. A woman can wear them to reflect her mood on any occasion, whether she is feeling cute, sexy, stylish or chic that day! Leather sandals for women make an essential buy. The variety in sandals is absolutely endless and a woman can pick the ones which match her taste and dressing

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