Types Of Skills In The 21st Century

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Skills of the 21st century: What kinds of skills are needed to build a successful career Aysel Mammadzada Qafqaz University Business Administration May 2015 In the process of interviewing for their first job, it still, hopefully silently, runs through the minds of every college graduate, “Show me the money!” Not so fast. Show you the money? You would better be able to show prospective employers that you have the abilities and skills what it takes to earn that money. Nowadays with the rapid development of modern society, we live in a world of dynamic economy, career challenges and globally competitive workforce. An important issue for us, is employers all over the world recruit educated, energetic and talented workers, who…show more content…
Communication covers speaking, reading, listening, writing and using technology. For instance, the ability of making speech with a wide variety of people is also essential. As a result, when our speech is good and clear, we will be memorable to the listeners. In addition, knowing how to present ourselves to others is another major aspect of being successful. Good and smart appearance will cause people to view us favorably. Besides, we should not forget that the way we look also makes us more confident. However, it does not matter how well-spoken we are, how well we dress, if we cannot keep everything under control, so we need the time-management skill, as well. The ability of using our time efficiently is another key element to success. For the purpose of achieving successful career, we should be aware of the power of technology, by having technological skills. Accordingly, by using technology we can gain knowledge with the help of our literacy skills. On the other hand, in order to use the gathered information effectively for achieving goals, we should have information literacy skills, which involves writing, researching and reading. Further, the right consume of information is also important, because when we face complex and unclear information, we should be able to identify, examine and consume the information, which will help us to reach our goals.…show more content…
As the external and internal business environment become more collaborative, social skills are one key to success. Leadership skills pertain making the people believe in you and follow you, and having the power to motivate others. Next, language skills are very important in our global world. If we can destroy the language barriers of the organization, we will be greatly valued. Another type of skill involves our reaction to our mistakes, so that one essential part of being successful is accountability-accepting responsibility for both successes and failures. Instead of blaming others, we accept our mistakes, and it makes people to respect us. Besides, it is a sign of self-confidence. Self-confidence and internal locus of control is vital, because we should take an action by believing our ideas and decisions, and rejecting the fear of doing wrong. If the fear occurs, we will end up doing nothing, which is worse than trying something and failing. We should have a passion to realize our idea, and the ability to take the risks. Simultaneously, considering options like internships and extra-curricular activities helps us to develop useful

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