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Trends Tabunan, Ira David M. ENG10/B6 A trend, according to Google Dictionaries, is defined as a general direction in which something is developing, a fashion, and a topic that has gained sudden popularity. Trend originated from the Old English word “trendan” meaning revolve or rotate. Our daily lives are influenced by trends. From the clothes that we wear, the music that we listen to, the language that we speak, the gadgets that we use, and even the food that we eat and more are influenced by trends. Almost everything that we own or do has been influenced by a certain trend. Our lives mainly depend on trends. There are different kinds of trends. In today’s society, a few of these trends can…show more content…
Fashion is a unique and repeating trend in which a person dresses. Fashion is the current usage or mode of behavior which originated from traditional ways but it is widely acceptable, it reflects the prevailing interests and preferences of a culture and focuses upon the increasing change in taste and lifestyle. One of the trends in fashion today is street wear. Street wear takes its cues from West Coast surf and skate culture, while combining elements and styles from the hip-hop and Japanese street cultures. Today’s street wear takes great influence from high-end luxury fashion, sneaker culture and hip-hop culture. Street wear is constantly evolving meaning new styles and influences are constantly injected into the culture. Street wear is basically a combination of different trends, influences, and styles put together with the wearer’s personal taste to create a one-of-a kind outfit. Street wear is combination of a unique and diverse look, while maintaining unique and urban characteristics. The style of street wear is simple, yet diverse that allows the person to be free in expressing his style without overdoing it. When street wear originated, street wear originally took inspiration from the DIY aesthetic of punk rock and hip-hop cultures while famous sport and fashion brands made their way to becoming a part…show more content…
There are different types of trends namely, fashion, music, technology, etc. that are considered popular by the majority. Trends are different from fads. Fads are short-lived. But fads can turn to trends if a fad is widely accepted. Street wear and sneaker culture are some of the prevailing trends in today’s society. Street wear is a type of street fashion, taking inspiration from Western surf and skate culture while combining of high-end luxury, hip-hop and sneaker culture. Street wear is a combination of elements from different trends, influences and styles to create a diverse look while maintaining urban characteristics. Trends are things that slowly grow big because people like to fit in with everyone else. Once people realize that everyone else is following a certain trend, they tend to do the same with everyone else so that they’re not left out. Trends reflect the prevailing interests and preferences of a culture and focuses upon the increasing change in taste and

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