Typhoid Fever Conclusion

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Typhoid Fever is a bacterial disease that you can get from overcooked or undercooked food, and contaminated water. The main disease in Typhoid Fever is salmonella. It’s not very common in the United States, there has only been less than 400 cases recorded in the United States this past year. About 3%-5% of people become carriers after the bacteria. Worldwide Typhoid affects more than 21 million people and the incubation period is from about 1 to 2 weeks long. Most recorded people have gotten Typhoid Fever after traveling. Typhoid isn’t common in industrialized places like the United States. If you ever get Typhoid Fever try your hardest to stay away from people or get treatment. So here are some causes of Typhoid Fever.
There are a bunch of causes for Typhoid because it’s a disease. It’s caused by a bacteria called Salmonella typhi, which causes food poisoning. One of its main causes is direct contact because it is easily spread and can contaminate a lot. You can also get Typhoid Fever by eating uncooked food or sometimes eating food at room temperature. When you eat uncooked food you can get Salmonella, which isn’t good. It can deposit the Typhoid into the human. When you are drinking well water or tap water than there is a
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Since we live in the US most of us are very lucky not to have it in our country other than a few people getting it. It is a very tough bacteria to fight. Typhoid Fever is a very interesting bacteria and disease to study. It remains a public health problem in neighboring countries. The infection can be prevented easily by good sanitation, having a good water supply, and the effective use of Typhoid vaccines. I hope this paper helps you to learn about everything Typhoid can do to you, how to prevent it, and the history on this interesting bacteria. Also remember to get a vaccination, if you still get Typhoid then remember to stay away from people and get treatment
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