Typhoid Monologue

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There gone now what will I do, I’ll either have to live with people I don 't even know or fend for myself. Typhoid has consumed all of my family except for me. Come on David pull yourself together you 're not a wimp. Just survive.

I am not enjoying my new family they are very cruel people. They usually take all the food for themselves and they just give me a small piece of bread. And they make me play with a strand of rope and that 's it. I am planning on running away tonight. I have nothing to take with me, no memories of mom nor dad, but I’ll keep ‘em in my memories.

This is it, it’s time. I need to sneak out quietly. Almost there, “ Hey, where are you going!” said my new parents in an angry tone. Oh no got to make a break for it. (as they reach for me i am barely out of their grasp). “Whew” I made it. Next, find shelter. Things are going to be much better(as i
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I was awoken by the sound of a of a group of young boys looking at me in an awkward way. “What are you fella’s lookin at, eh” I said. “Do you want to join us?” they said. “Join you do what?” I said. “A gang of pickpockets” said a lone boy as he stepped forward. “You have two options, yes or yes. What is your choice?” the boy said. “What if I say no?” I said “We kill ya” they all seemed to say. “Yeah, then I’ll join.” I said nervously. “Good, Name’s Oswald, you can call me Oz I’m the leader. And this is Winston(pointing to his right) he don 't talk much”. “Hi” Winston said in a soft tone. “And you?” Oz said. “Oh, me I’m David, David Sherwin”. “Nice to meet ya David.(as Oz helps me up) Welcome to the family.” said Oz grinning.

A few months have past and I am really enjoying the boys. We usually get about 7£ a day. We are going out yet again for some more money. The streets of Liverpool are busier than ever. Oz tells me that is good and bad. It’s bad because there will be more police out. Be extra cautious. As I am sneaking through the streets I have this feeling as if someone is
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