Typhon: God Or Monster In Greek Mythology

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Storms and volcanoes are what people fear the most. Typhon is the god/monster that controls when these things happen. Typhon is the most feared god/monster in Greek mythology. There are few things on the god/monster Typhon such as his background, culture, religious beliefs and natural occurrences. Typhon has very few facts about him considering that his life was just about battling Zeus but he has much more on his background than people believe he does.
Typhon was the youngest son of Gaea/Gaia and Tartarus and he was the biggest and scariest child of all of Gaea/Gaia therefore he was feared by the Greeks. Typhon is known to be the “most feared monster in all of Greek mythology and no mythical creature, god or monster was as powerful, dangerous, or deadly” (“Typhon”). He was known as the dangerous god/monster because he was created in the from anger that Gaia/Gaea had. Gaia/Gaea was so mad because Zeus had got rid of her other children the Titans “so with the love of Tartarus and the aid of
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Some greeks still believe he exist because when he battled Zeus, Zeus had trapped him under Mount Etna. They believe volcanic eruptions happen because he is “a fire breathing monster that is constantly trying to escape the pits of Tartarus beneath Mount Etna” (Typhon; mythologicalcreatures”). Typhon is the most feared god because when he was born he was the worst of all of Gaia/Gaea, so most greeks think of him as “the most deadly monster” (“Typhoeus; greekmythologycreatures”). When the battle with Zeus happened every other god and goddess fled expect Athena there was a lot of damage done when the battle was over, which made the greeks believe that “Typhon is the deadliest god and monster that has ever existed in Greek mythology” (“Typhoeus; greekmythologycreatures”). Due to the fact that his cultural perspective is bad, the religious beliefs on him are not that good
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