Typical Cultural Value Of Vietnam Culture In Vietnam

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Certainly, Vietnam is not a strange name to many people in the world. This easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia is not famous only for a brutal jungle war, but also the unique and rich culture. Like Thank Giving or Christmas in the Western, Tet holiday seems to be the biggest traditional celebration in Vietnam that culture has countless descriptions: motion pictures, books, newspapers and so on. This essay will analyze typical cultural value of this nation on Lunar New Year namely collectivism, belief, norm and high-context culture via a touching short film “Gift for Tet”. This film talks about Phu-a poor student and his family before the most important celebration. Tet holiday in 1, January lunar calendar (usually in late January or early February) is the time for a family reunion so all people want to return to their house to get together welcome the new year and hope lucky things. In the consciousness of Vietnamese, Tet is the ending of the past year and the beginning of the forthcoming one. Influenced by Chinese culture after over 1,000 years (111B.C-939A.D) domination, the two countries share the same way, the same customs, but Vietnam still contributes its own characteristic to the diversity of the world culture. It is very clearly seen that Vietnam Lunar New Year summaries virtually all of striking beliefs as well as norms. “Beliefs are general; vague opinions held about the world and about the nature of society. They vary by society and

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