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There are different typologies of workplace bullying. The workplace bullying can be categorized as downwards, horizontal or upwards. Downward is that perpetrated by management or superiors to subordinates and it is considered as the most common. Horizontal bullying is between peer bullying peers while upwards related with subordinates bullying managers. Employer can also be bullies. Bad employers use bullying strategically to rid the workplace of good employees to avoid a legal obligation, such as paying some worker’s compensation or claims. The workplace bullying can be direct or indirect, may be missed by superiors or known by many throughout the organization.
Workplace bullying can be either direct or indirect behavior which is perceived as affecting an employee’s right to dignity and respect at work. It can be expressed through
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The first type of bullying is serial bullying in which the source of all dysfunction can be traced to one individual, who pick one employee after another and destroys them, then moves on. This is the most common types of bullying occur in workplace.
Next is secondary bullying where the pressure to deal with a serial bully causes the general behavior deteriorated and submerged into the lowest level. Then is pair bullying occur between two people, one active and verbal, the other often watching and listening. Usually this type of bully involves opposite gender and frequently there is an affair going on.
Furthermore, there is gang bullying or group bullying involving a serial bully with colleague. Gang growing rapidly in corporate bullying climates but can occur anywhere. It is usually involves scapegoating or persecution and it is often called mobbing. In addition there is vicarious bullying where it encouraged between the two parties to fight. It is the typical “triangulation" where the aggression gets passed

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