Behavioral De-Termination Relationship Theory

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For some, finding someone to be in a relationship with is a tough ordeal. On the other hand, for others, ending the liaison seems to be a difficult feat. Why breakups happen are neither here nor there, the question at hand is how do the individuals involve achieve the desperately wanted single status. This research will place focus on the terminating relationship theory, the five-factor typology of disengagement strategies within the termination relationship theory: positive tone, verbal de-escalation, behavioral de-escalation, negative identity management and justification; whether or not there is a distinct difference how men and women end relationships and reasons for termination.

Terminating Relationship Theory Relationships
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Termination of relationships between couples is contributed to various reasons that make being with the person unbearable and unstable, this leads to individuals feeling they cannot continue being together anymore. The third option to ending a relationship is using the behavioral de-escalation, which in most cases are built around avoiding relationships. It is based on cutting the time, which one used to see the other person. It is an example of indirect-termination strategy since there are no clear statements or explanations of the changes. Employing behavioral de-escalation may take a longer amount of time to terminate a relationship. One partner may not be in favor of the break-up, and he or she will keep looking for ways they can fix the relationship, whereas the other partner is advocating for a termination. Hence, this implies that the continued attempts to re-transform the changes occurring will prolong the time before the relationship is entirely…show more content…
The disintegration of relationships refers to the weakening of the ties of bringing together individuals. The procedure can be gradual or sudden. Remember, because you can enter into a disorderly phase, this does not mean that the relationship will end inevitably. The ship can turn the repair of its relationship at any time. Separating is also a reason for ending a relationship. “Adore me as I am. Since I am not going to change." In intrapsychic stage, a man thinks about the nature of the relationship, contrasting the association with others, and contrasting relationship accomplices with potential accomplices (Honeycutt & Cantrill, 2014). Emotional change is a way of terminating a relationship where couples do not engage in activities such as having sex or it is not done regularly as before issues began. For instance, during the initial stages of their relationship, the couple was having sex at least five times per week. However, after some time, the wife starts being reluctant whenever the husband makes a suggestion; she never behaved in such a manner before except when circumstances are inevitable. But this time it is different, it goes on for weeks and they are making love at most two times per week. In this case, she is de-escalating, showing signs of an unwanted
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