Tyranny Dbq Analysis

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How did the Constitution Guard against Tyranny? “When the people fear the government there is tyranny; when the government fears the people there is liberty.” James Madison said. First, I want to establish what tyranny is, tyranny is harsh absolute power in the hands of one person, a few, or many, our Constitution was created to prevent this government from occurring. The Constitution guarded against tyranny by creating Federalism so the central government and the state government did not control the same issues, separating the powers into three branches of government Legislative, Judicial, and Executive, and putting Checks and Balances on these branches to control the power of each other. First, Federalism, created by the Constitution, prevented tyranny by divided the government into central (federal) government and state government. Federalism provides “double security” by the fact that each government controls each other while controlling themselves. According to Document A, by James Madison, the state government deals with personal, moral, cultural, and local issues. Also according to Document A, the central government deals with issues concerning trade, foreign relations, providing an army and navy, and printing and coining…show more content…
The government is separated into three branches: Legislative, Judicial, and Executive. The Legislative branch makes the laws and according to Document B by James Madison, consist of a senate and the House of Representatives, which creates congress. The Judicial branch judges if laws are broken and the laws themselves, the Judicial branch is invested in one Supreme Court. The Executive branch, is the branch of government that enforces the laws, this category of government includes the president who can serve two terms of four years each along with the
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