Tyranny In Antigone And The Censors

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Tyranny, a way humanity can be destroyed. Sophocles and Luisa Valenzuela both targeted this statement in their engaging stories. Both of these text hit the the theme of tyranny right in the target. Characters Juan and Antigone both dealt with challenges as they try to defeat the tyrant. In the text “Antigone” and “The Censors” tyranny effects the mission of the two determined characters who face many obstacles. However, Juan faces a more powerful tyrant and was not able to complete his mission. Whereas, Antigone completed her mission and destroyed her tyrant. In the text “Antigone” the main character is able to defeat the powerful tyrant she faces. Her goal was not going to be blocked by any obstacle ; her tyrant was Creon king of Thebes she…show more content…
Juan 's was facing a much more powerful tyrant, his mission was filled with obstacles. Juan mission was simple all he wanted to join the censorship, find the letter, and destroy the letter. The author demonstrates his mission in this line “...sabotage the machinery , throw sand in its gears, get to the bottom of the problem so as to stop it.” (page 175, paragraph 2). It sounds simple but was much more complex than expected. Without knowing it Juan ends up getting sabotaged by the machine instead of him sabotaging the machine. Juan became addicted to his work in the censorship. This began to reflect on his normal life as well not only in the censorship office. The author describes “Soon his work became so absorbing that his noble mission blurred in his mind.”(page 176, paragraph 4). Juan was so brainwashed by the government (the censorship) that he began to lose sight of his mission. He became a heartless person pitilessly censoring letter after letter and throwing them away, which caused a life to be killed or tortured. Juan kept getting a promotions in his job, he moved from section K to section B in a short period of time. This was the section that he was going to finally find the letter that he sent to Mariana. All of his hard work finally leading to this moment. The author states”....finally discovered his true mission,when his letter to Mariana reached his hands. Naturally, he censored it without regret.”(page 176, paragraph 6). Just like that, Juan turned himself in. Juan was so brainwashed, such a machine that he censored the letter that he sent to Mariana, and turned himself in. The next day Juan was executed for his
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