The Tyranny Of Choice By Barry Schwartz

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The freedom of choice has forever had a connection in our everyday lives. We make choices every day without analyzing the true outcome of our decision. Some make choices more carelessly than others. However, they’re those who are affected greatly by choices made and those who can easily overcome them. The article, The Tyranny of Choice by Barry Schwartz, describes the differences between a maximizer and a satisficer and shows how a variety of choices is not always the best for a person. As I read the article I realized how overwhelmed with choices people have, including myself. From going shopping to choosing a college course. Barry mentions in the 5th paragraph of the first page how it's in human nature that having a variety of choices…show more content…
When it comes to making a choice and narrowing my selection I think of all the possibilities that may occur with the given choice. The downside of this decision maker is that it is very time consuming for example much like the maximizer college student who tends to do more job interviews and have a hard time deciding during shopping, I too see myself in the same position going around stores looking for the best fit or the best clothes that is suited for everyday use. I remember the moment I met my counselor at Buffalo State College and helped me pick out my schedule. I took a day or two because I was in EOP and they can meet with their counselor ahead of time, so I had time to plan accordingly. I researched classes according to my major and the requirements every student needs to take. It took some time, but so far I am proud about my decision. We see a common misconception in our society, that is more choices will lead to better and more positive results. The paradox of choice is not beneficial, it is known to be a major source of stress and anxiety, more doesn't necessarily always means better. It was after I read this article that I became aware that freedom and choice have a direct correlation and as we have more freedom our choices increase and causing us to drown in our
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