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Alex Wen Mrs. Baker English 10 8 December 2015 Demand for Change When one mentions about urban environmental artists one of the first names that come to mind, especially in Detroit, is Tyree Guyton. Tyree considers himself a “medicine man” because he believes, “ My art is a medicine for the community. You can’t heal the land until you heal the minds of people” (Guyton). Though most of his artwork is used to create a colorful view for all to see, his painting, Rosa Parks, Heidelberg Fragment, has an unprecedented tone. It is simple, yet unforgettable. It may be sad, yet it shows how much our world has accomplished. Though he may be best known as a famous artist and sculptor, Tyree believes he has a greater role as an leader for the community and an educator for all. Tyree’s profound artwork cannot help but remind the hardship and struggle that African Americans had to endure in order to achieve equality. Through the strokes of his brush and hours of work, Tyree Guyton works to commemorate the efforts of all African Americans in order to obtain the divine right of equality for all in America. Born in Detroit Michigan, Tyree Guyton lived a troubling childhood. He grew up on Heidelberg Street and Ellery on Detroit’s East Side near legendary “Paradise Valley” (The…show more content…
This renowned artifact, a painted street sign, has the symbol of a bus that refers to Rosa Parks’ essential role and leadership in the famous Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Civil Rights Movement as well. Tyree’s intentionally use of color and textures add a different perspective to the sign. His style of painting creates a crushed and wrinkled aspect to this painting with the differences of color in the oils. The rugged look of the painting shows how strong and unrelenting Rosa Parks and all African Americans were to reach their goal: equal rights for
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