Tyson Foods Organizational Ethics

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Within this essay I’m going to discuss the Organizational ethic of the company that I’m currently employed with Tyson Foods. The brand I’m going to discuss is Hillshire brands which was a large company itself that was bought out by Tyson foods in 2014. Organizational ethics are the principals and standards by which businesses operate. They are demonstrated through the acts of fairness, compassion, integrity, honor and responsibility. The key for the companies managers and executives to ensure that all employees understand these ethics. One of the best ways to communicate organizational ethics is by training employees on company standards.

One example of organizational ethics is the uniform treatment of all employees. Both large and small
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For example, the plant that I work for within Hillshire brands is a sliced deli meats manufacturer and we needs to communicate certain dangers to the community when outbreaks of disease or other disasters occur. The companies must also take certain safety measures for protecting nearby residents from leaks like ammonia that may affect the water or air quality. We dispose of inedible meat on a daily basis so this is not regular garbage, these scraps are handled by a special waste company that has the correct licenses required to dispose of the product correctly. There are state and federal laws that protect people from unethical environmental practices. Companies that violate these laws may face stiff penalties. They may even be shut down depending on the severity of the…show more content…
Ethical businesses will always help the employees overcome these types of issues. Hillshire brands has several programs that help employees in need of help. Employees that test positive for marijuana or any other type of drug can ask for “last chance” help and treatment. In this particular situation the company will help the employee to receive treatment for the addiction while the employee retains their employment. During this time period the employee will receive random drug test whenever the company wishes to do so and if the employee test positive at with any of the test employment will then be terminated. Employees having mental issues can receive help also, the company has an onsite chaplain that starts the process and then the employee is forwarded on the medical doctors for further treatment if needed. Employees may have issues that will lead to these types of problems. With that being said they deserve a chance to explain their situations and get the help they

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