Tyson Gay Research Paper

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Father, Greg Mitchell and Mother, Daisy Gay had a newborn boy and a little girl named Tiffany Gray. They named that newborn boy Tyson Gay. He was born on August 9, 1982 in a large city called Lexington. Lexington is a city in the state of Kentucky. In early life of Tyson his family was an athletic family. When his grandma was in college, she had competed in track. His sister Tiffany joined track and field in high school. When they race at home Tyson would always win and get excited. After the races Tyson said that “she inspire me.” The way Tyson get inspired is to run fast and be the fastest in world. Tyson mother would also push him to his limited every day to run fast. Tyson can see that his mother supports him in every actions he would…show more content…
High school is where he started to compete in track and field. While in high school Tyson raced and raced. Later, Tyson beats the school record on 100 meter race beating with 10.46 second. After finishing high school Tyson could not go to his choice of college (Division 1 sport college) because of his grades when he finished high school. He was focusing on racing than learning. So, he went to a Barton community college. The college is where he met a trainer. The trainer was Lance Brauman. He was a track and field trainer and he trained Tyson. He knew that Tyson was a good and fast runner. In this year of 2015 Tyson Gay is thirty-three years old. He live in the state of Florida and the city of Clermont. He trains in Orlando or Dallas if he have a big race to compete in, but he is on tour around the states. In Tyson years he have accomplish many goal and records. In 2005 200 meter race World Athletes Final he got a gold metal which was his very first major chapion shiptitle.In 2009 World Championship he made a new record of 9.71 seconds in the 100 meter run. Then made a newer record that year for 100 meter. He got the third fastest time which is 9.69
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