From The Tao Te Ching Analysis

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Tzu Lao."From the Tao Te Ching."Reading The World: Ideas That Matter, edited by Michael Austin, Third edition, Norton, 2015, pp 384-394. In From the Tao Te Ching, It talks about how humans can’t decide how life goes but we can try to work with it. In the text, it mentions how rulers are perceived by their subjects. At first, the people might praise their rulers and then change to hating them. The people and the rulers will also lose trust in one another. It causes the people to give up self-control, duty, skills and reject wisdom. Lao says that if that occurs to just let them seek for simplicity and all will go their way. If a man wants to gain something do not put effort to get it because it will eventually come to him. If a man acts superior, that 's how he shall be perceived by others and If he is self-controlled all men will follow his lead. In The Tao Te Ching, what I found interesting was, “The more restrictive the laws, the poorer the people. The more machinery used the more trouble in a kingdom. The more…show more content…
A princess should act a certain way so that the barons and nobles like her. Its best for her that they like her because they can pray for her and praise her in sermons. A princess should try to be loved by everyone so when trouble comes her subjects can defend her. She should try to speak intelligently so she can gain respect. She always needs to think ahead of she acts towards people because they might be beneficial to her in the future. She must always keep her promises so she can’t lose the people 's trust. If she isn’t in people favor it can also harm the prince because they can try to overthrow him. The princess must also watch her finances, she must have money to give to the poor, house expenses, pay more for officers and servants, gifts for strangers, and to save some for herself. Lastly, A princess will help her subjects not just with money but with
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