UA COM-P: Cultural Diversity

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I have worked with medical students who come from the UA COM-P culture and I believe they bring a great amount of cultural awareness to their role on the healthcare team. The focus of early clinical exposure at UA COM-P makes a significant difference in learning how to care for people. The UA COM-P emphasis on cultural diversity allows for more learning opportunities and fully encompasses what it means to take care of the patient and not just treat a disease. I entered the medical field wanting to be at the bedside helping people. I think this gives me a unique view, and ability to help contribute to UA COM-P diversity centered training and culture. Being at the bedside for 40 plus hours a week for almost 4 years I've learned that all…show more content…
I started my career with the intent to be at the bedside caring for patients. In the past 4 years I have been learning but not a majority from books or in a laboratory but from human to human contact. I work for a safety net hospital; truly no one is turned away. I’ve helped collaborate care in a time of crisis for people that bring with them cultures, beliefs and values from half way around the world. I've learned that even though the language is sometimes different, the feelings and emotions are the same. Seeing how brave and stoic some patients can be in a time of pain and uncertainty is truly humbling. I am grateful for the exposure I've had to the vastly different people I help care for at work. I believe it has made me a better person, and I now know what it means to learn something from every interaction. I hope to bring this diverse learning experience to the UA COM and collaborate with fellow classmates to help keep peoples minds open and to approach every patient with the mindset of not only healing but learning something from…show more content…
Someone who enjoys being scared and thrives at the opportunity to do things others are to afraid or unwilling to try. I have been a patient in the hospital, I have metal holding bones together and scars that are there for life. I have been on the receiving end of medical care from prehospital ambulances to the OR and ICU. This alone gives me a special perspective on the world of medicine. I have for lack of better term "walked a mile in their shoes." The feeling of having your stomach in knots before jumping out of a plane, racing motorcycles, or driving through the desert is a hard feeling to replicate. I am glad that medicine has found me, because it to elicits a feeling of uncertainty and that is motivating to strive harder to be smarter to take better care of people, to make one less mistake then you did yesterday. While I will always enjoy my hobbies that most people shake their heads at in disbelief, I am lucky enough to have found a calling that brings out that same drive and determination to do what others wont, and to learn what others haven't. Entering a career in medicine where doctors are held to unthinkable standards, and no mistake can be a big one is a challenge I look forward to facing in my pursuit to care for
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