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Similar to other immigrants my family history is somewhat compelling. Starting with my grandfather who was exiled out of Egypt in 1959 primarily as a result of the "decolonization process and the rise of Egyptian nationalism”, my immediate family and I also left France in 2004 as a result of rising tension against Jews. The migration of my grandparents and parents, from a young age, cultivated a sense of determination in me to overcome obstacles. Arriving in Miami at age 5, I had to learned my third language, English, in order to attend school. I was determined to and successfully lost my accent and got tested into the gifted program after a year of school. This determination has continued through high school where I was accepted into the Scholars Academy. Beyond academics, my determination plays a big role in my life after school. Having always been a fan of the sport of surfing, at a young age soon after moving to Miami, I decided to teach myself how to surf. Having only…show more content…
During a recent visit, I was attracted to the spirit of the campus. More importantly, as I spoke to several students, they talked about the strong relationship between the students and professors. Being a potential business major, I was excited to read that “UCF is the cornerstone within the foundation of Orlando’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.” Beyond the school’s renowned academic programs, UCF offers me a chance to be in a comfortable environment where I fit in. If I were fortunate enough to get accepted into UCF, I would be very excited to become an active ambassador for the surf club/team. UCF’s prominent surf club/team gives me a chance to surround myself with people who are similar to who I am and my lifestyle. As a Knight, not only would I be able to excel academically but I would also be able to compete in the National Scholastic Surfing Association as part of a greatly admired

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