UH-60A/L Blackhawk Flight Training Case Study

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Served as a Section Leader in the contact phase of flight training for UH-60A/L Blackhawk Flight School XXI Company. Maintained complex managerial and scheduling issues for each class of over 30 students taught every two weeks. Scheduled more than 1000 simulator hours, allowing new aviators to practice basic cockpit procedures, such as processing emergency checklist, and aircraft familiarization. Refined the preparatory phase of training by streamlining the section’s administration and operations process. As the lead instructor taught UH-60 Blackhawk academic classes to over 500 over the newest UH-60 aviation warfighters. Skillfully managed all student records, student administrative actions, and counseling’s. As the Instructor Pilot responsible for training and evaluating aviators into UH-60A/L warfighters for worldwide…show more content…
Provided individually tailored basic and advanced flight instruction for UH-60A/L during the day, instrument meteorological, tactical flight conditions, NVG, as well as in a highly technical simulator. Conducted academic training on aircraft systems, tactics, aerodynamics, and flight regulations. Evaluated and certified student’s technical and tactical proficiency, oral knowledge, and flight performance. Performed daily academic briefings and taught classes on a wide variety of UH-60 A/L helicopter mission tasks. Enforced and implemented the Commander’s standardization and safety program by ensuring aircrews adhered to unit standard operating

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