UN Peacekeeping Goals

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The purpose of United Nations peacekeeping missions around the world is to ensure the preservation of peace and security in conflictual zones. It is the reason why the United Nations have been active in Ukraine, in particular in the Crimea and the Donbas areas since 2014. However, there are significant hindrances to the achievement of this peacekeeping objective in the area. Our objective is to build a peace and a reconciliation process The Republic of Poland is one of founding members of the United Nations, and after its loss of 6 million of its citizens during the Second World War, has since actively placed special attention towards building international peace and security. The Republic of Poland has always been involved in UN peacekeeping…show more content…
The Republic of Poland strongly condemns the annexation of a sovereign area or region and the non-respect of internationally acknowledged borders by any…show more content…
This would allow trust to be built in between the parties. - In order to be effective, peace-building and reconciliation programs have to be led and implemented at the national level. For example, the Minsk II ceasefire should be respected and implemented by all its signatories. A peace treaty between all parties should also be signed and implemented, in order to completely stop the fighting which takes and endangers lives. This peace treaty would include the statement of the internationally recognized borders, which have not changed since the recognition of the independence of the state of Ukraine in 1991. - All parties, with the help of UN officials, need to state their objectives, their plans and their will. All media should objectively state out each party’s objectives, plans and will. This should be done in a transparent and democratic

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