UNCG Internship Report

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I am right writing this letter to inform you about how life been after graduating from UNCG and the career I chose after graduating. The semester before graduating, I was doing an internship that was involved with my major. The internship was to go work as an assistant for a well-known physical therapist for about 5 months and gain experience under my belt. After the internship, I learned that I wanted to become a physical therapist assistant and have to gain even more experience. When the time for graduation came, I already have over 500 + hours of volunteer hours that involves with customer service and also physical therapy. After graduating from UNCG, I waited for a year before going back to school but I continued to volunteer and also,…show more content…
I took classes like KIN 220, CST 105 but the most helpful overall was KIN 250 which was though by my most favorite professor, Mrs. Poole. The course helped me realize the importance of physical activity by providing me understanding how PA can improve health, it can help people with mental problems, and it can help people to connect with each other. Physical activity has a big impact on health and also mental health by providing them a way to change their body into what they want it to be. Physical activity can help with connecting with others by helping you push yourself out of your comfort level and try something new. This course helped me prepare for my career by providing me the information I needed to be successful. The sphere of physical activity was the main thing that helped me out by providing me an understanding of how PA is in our everyday life. One of the parts of the sphere if PA includes competition and work which made me realize that the career I am in right now is very competitive because everybody wants to get in. KIN 250 provided me a layout for my career by having guest speakers come and talk about their experience they were starting with their career path. Also, when the career services employee came to explain how to create a resume. Also, the last thing I learned that was the most helpful was to always encourage people to stay activity throughout the
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