UNICEF Passion Statement

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Passion for UNICEF’s mission

I was once asked what philanthropy meant to me. For me, it means to acknowledge the exisiting inequalities, to be empathetic, and to give back to the society with my abilities. I am passionate about UNICEF’s mission as I believe that every child deserves safety, healthcare, education, and a fair chance to reach their full potential; and these could only happen when the protection of children's rights is universal.

When I was in Taiwan, I was a part of the after school care program held by Rotary International. The program was a collaboration with a local church to provide children from disadvantaged backgrounds with academic support and guidance. During my time there, I have witnessed how being exposed to a positive environment could encourage the children to challenge themselves and strive for better. The children never ceased to amaze me.

That being said, there are children around the world who are deprived of basic human rights, let alone access to proper education. One of my favourite quotes by Nelson Mandela goes, “There can
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One of the critiques of the millennial development goals was that they were created under the context of “rich donors aiding poor recipients.” However, research has identified that the majority of the poorest people live in the middle-income countries. Inequality is the issue, and this applies to rich and poor countries alike. I personally think this is a very good example of how holistic research and knowledge of current issues could facilitate improved social change. Hence a more comprehensive set of sustainable development goals were created. This also implies that the effort made should be applicable to every country, and should be implemented on a local level. I think it is great that female empowerment is integrated into UNICEF’s work in pursuit of a non-discriminative environment for our future
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